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amd fire pro w7000

Question asked by mzambare on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by mzambare

Hello, everybody!


Trying to install amd drivers on Centos-7.5 as per doc's provided by amd website.


Facing following issues-:


- Drivers successfully installed on centos-7.5  on "Linux kernel version 3.10.0-862".At the same time backup of initramfs img has been taken

  automatically giving message if system not reboot successfully restore existing initramfs img.

- When reboot the machine system goes into "emergency mode".

- So Restored the initrd.img (backup one) file and system reboot successfully.



My question is that is my AMD card support centos 7.5?

Or I'm missing something please help me out.


My PC specs are as follows:

     - OS: Centos 7.5

     - Kernel version : 3.10.0-862

     - AMD card -: "amd fire pro w7000"


If I'm missing anything, please, let me know.


Thank you very much in advance!