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RX570 : default frequencies too low for 2D  @ 1440p @ 144hz

Question asked by rititix on Dec 9, 2018



My card works fine in 3D, but on the desktop I have occasional flashes (flickering). Sometimes it's a black screen, or white, or garbage. It's a very fast flash (1 frame) that happens at random intervals. Web browsing and playing Youtube/Twitch videos tends to flicker more frequently.


I've noticed it happens when the GPU lowers its frequency to 300Mhz (seen in Wattman). The problem doesn't occur anymore if I set the lowest frequency to 650 Mhz.


Since such a high refresh rate / resolution combo may be demanding for a RX570, is it possible that the default power settings are just inadequate ? If yes, @AMD, is it possible to fix the thing directly in your drivers/software ? I'm happy that I found how to fix the problem, but many users may not find it and struggle a lot more


Setup is:

- Sapphire RX570 Nitro+ 4GB connected through DisplayPort (default settings)

- Windows 10 64-bit

- Asus PG279Q 1440p @ 144hz