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Low Core Speed on 1800x at Load!

Question asked by dark_avenger on Dec 8, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2018 by dark_avenger

Hi everyone. First things first, my cpu used to work cooler before. I have an Asus CH6 mobo and Corsair H80i. The temps were 32-35 C (idle) and 63-65 C (%100 load). I always update the bios when new one comes (a habit comes from the Ram support),  so i'm not sure it was all about the new bios. The new temps are 45-50 C (idle) and 74-75 C (%100 load). And i didn't test the cpu on games yet but when using Handbrake the core speed is fixed to 3.1 Ghz (1st pass) and 2.9 Ghz (2nd pass). I tested with aida64 cpu tests, it hit 3.6 Ghz and then tested with aida's stress test again it was 3.0 ghz (max). Is it all about the heat protection or anything else? I checked every hardware on my pc. I periodically clean my case with air-comp. And my drivers are all up2date.

And another issue is, sometimes screen freezes on my pc too. (it began about 2 months ago) When watching video or just hanging, the screen freezes but audio continues then screen comes back. I mean, no system crash, no blue screen, just pc is fine but screen comes after 3-5 second freeze.(with speed-up)

My Pc: Asus CH6 Hero, 1800x, 2x8Gb Vengeance Led, 850 Pro SSD, Aorus Gtx1080, Seasonic x-1250. Windows 10 and all other drivers are up to date. No new hardware or a new software installed.

I appreciate that if anyone helps me to solve these 2 issues.