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Brand New Hp Specter X360 with RX Vega M GL Poor Performance

Question asked by baclett on Dec 8, 2018
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We purchased a HP Specter x360 a few week ago.  This model comes with the Intel 17-8705G and the AMD Radeon RX Vega M GPU.


We did our do diligence in researching this model before purchasing and confirming its performance would be sufficient for the gaming my GF likes to do.  She mostly plays Destiny 2. 


Once receiving this laptop every time she tries to play destiny 2 there is huge graphics lag even on low resolution and low graphics settings.  This is more pronounced when she is using an external monitor through HDMI but also occurs on the integrated laptop screen. I have tried reinstalling/updating drivers,  setting power options to max performance, setting switchable graphics options to max performance and nothing makes a difference.  I have contacted HP support and had them remote in to work on it but all they did was the exact same thing, reinstall drivers, etc. We even did a factory reset and reinstalled the game and it made no difference.  Is there something I am missing here? 


I have seen some people saying that the new Adrenaline software doesn't work well with Destiny 2 and that by rolling back to catalyst control center they were able to improve performance.  Can anyone confirm this?  At this point if we don't find a solution soon we need to take advantage of the 30 day return window. 


For contrast we have an old desktop computer that she had been using before we bought this laptop with a 5+ year old AMD CPU and a GTX 1050 2gb GPU and it ran destiny 2 on low graphics with zero issues.


Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.