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Inventory Map lag in PUBG with multiple monitors

Question asked by prtvs on Dec 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by prtvs

Hello everyone,

first off, im sorry if i missspell something or cant find the correct words to describe something.

I have a very annoying issue! I just bought PUBG and the game runs great even on my low end system.

But whenever i close the inventory or open/close the map, my game freezes for 1-2 seconds.


My hardware:


RX-580 Dual

12GB DDR3 1600

Game is installed on a SSD

4 Monitors. (3 x 16:9 at 1080p, 1 x 21:9 at 1080p)


I tried so many things and nothing helped. In the end i figured out, the less monitors i use, the less it freezes.

With just 1 monitor plugged in there is no freeze at all.


I have tried like 3 or 4 different GPU drivers (Uninstalled them with DDU, im on 18.4.1 atm)

I also tried different inputs for the monitors.

Different ingame resolutions and graphic settings.

Set the same refresh rate on all monitors.

And i tried many other things without success.

And i want to keep at least 3 monitors.


If anybody has a solution or might know something that could work, i would really appreciate your help!