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Problems with R5 M430 discrete graphics

Question asked by yorkgrantt on Dec 8, 2018
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I am writing in this forum because I need your help, I have tried everything to solve this problem from just reinstalling the drivers to do a clean installation of the drivers with the Display Driver Uninstaller tool in safe mode, but nothing works.

Well, now the problem:

I have a Lenovo Ideapad 310s 14-ast laptop that has an AMD A9-9410 APU with a radeon R5(integrated) and radeon R5 m430(Dedicated/discrete), the last one is supposed to have 2GB of VRAM; however, in the system only appears having 512MB , in Radeon Radeon settings appears 2GB of memory, though, but it does not work with that amount of memory.

Some pictures are attached to this post for you to see them.

I hope you can solve my problem.

I will be looking forward to you reply.

Best regards.



M430 catalyst.JPGM430 TASK MANAGER.JPG