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Problem with Sony Vaio

Question asked by axc15 on Dec 7, 2018



I have a sony vaio laptop with the AMD GRAPHICS 7600M video card and an integrated INTEL video card. I have a pretty dedicated problem. For some time, the video card does not work properly, if I install the drivers and activate them, black and red pixels appear on my screen, then a blue screen with TDR VIDEO FAILURE error appears. I came to the conclusion that the video card is faulty. Until now some time I worked on my laptop with the integrated video card only. Yesterday I had to install my windows again and now I'm sitting at the resolution 1024x768 because I can not install either driver intel (windows does not recognize, only Microsoft Basic Display Driver) and if I install and activate the AMD driver, I can not use the computer. How do I change and adjust the resolution to get the optimal 1360x768? I have not found a solution.


Thanks so much.