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Black screen driver installation and boot loop, R9 270X

Question asked by omarmohamed on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by pokester

LOL i don't know why i'm writing this? i read about 50 threads on this forum , more than 100 on another forums , more than 20 youtube videos nothing helped

i just want to share my misery


First i bought this pc about 4 years ago ..


540 WATT POWER SUPPLY , AMD R9 270X , 8 GB RAM , Intel core i5-3450 @3.10GHZ , GIGABYTE z77x up7

I played everything on this pc and for 4 years , ok let's stop crying.


about 4 months ago'AUGUST' the problem started .. I am using HDMI CABLE For my GPU '' i will say later why i mentioned that '' .. One day my pc froze and? NOTHING. Black screen .. everything froze .. i restarted .. My monitor shows me NO SIGNAL .. okay started searching and tried every thing on this world changing cables changing monitors and everything else '' my pc was running sometimes for one time then no signal again '' .. and finally a solution worked for me .. the solution was to unplug power cable and hold the power button for 1 minute , then plug the power cable again and turn the pc on .. ok it worked! so my GPU has no problems .. it was power supply problem?


my poor old pc worked for 4 months without one single problem .. one week ago i was playing fifa 19 '' as i do for most of my time '' .. my pc froze for 15 seconds then worked again then froze again ..

so i restarted .. what did i get? NO SIGNAL again .. i did my old solution the power cable sbut it didn't work .. tried every thing resetting the GPU , Cleaning it , it doesn't work but my integrated graphic card ' INTEL HD ' works without any problem .. nothing of my pc hardware has any problem except the RED AMD THING.. so i went to my friend's house ' i thought my power supply can't give the gpu the power it needs ' .. and tried it in DVI Cable ( NOT HDMI LIKE I USE IN MY HOME ) and i had signal again .. but every time i try to setup a driver it give me black screen then i have to restart  ..the windows logo appear but i don't see anything after this so i need to restart 3 times to have the automatic repair screen of windows 10 and go to safe mode and uninstall the driver by DDU .. then the pc works again. okay so the pc works only with ''Microsoft basic display'' written in device manager

i took it to my home again and used DVI cable .. every single time i try to install the driver i get this black screen , my pc freezes , restart 3 times to enter safe mode then uninstall the driver .. tried more than 10 drivers .. tried it on a clean windows , nothing helps and i unplugged my gpu to work on the INTEL HD but of course without gaming.

SAD Story right? can anything helps? i don't know .

I Don't complain if my GPU is dead it's 4 years now .. but with this way? nothing made this happen .

Thank you for reading even if you can't help.