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New pc build doesn`t work, need help

Question asked by lolington on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by elstaci


I`ve spent like 10 hours sitting trying to figure something out...

So basically I got my new parts for my new pc build today.

This is the build:

When I turn on the pc everything seems to be working, but when I connect my monitor it doesn` connect.

Also I can`t install windows 10 because the usb seems to be not working too.

I`ve tried connecting my keyboard in case the flash was bad, but no signal too.

I`ve checked my cables a thousand times.

My vega 56 didn`t fit on the left side as you can see I`ve added zip ties

and it seems to do the work, the lights turn on, fans working etc.

There is only one thing that looked weird to me. The stock amd cpu cooler has lighting around it and when I turn on the pc

it starts to blink. It looks like it is turning on and off, I can also hear a quiet noise that sounds similar to turning on and off.