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    Why doesn't Counterstrike work?


      Why does everybody (including me) using an AMD graphics card have counterstrike crash on the new update? December 06, 2018... Why don't you work with developers to prevent this? I want to build a new (intel/nvidia) computer now because your stuff won't play one of the most popular games whose engine is traceable to a game launched in 2004... this is after struggling in 2017 with PUBG and a general lack of support a year or so after launch. You need to be as out of the way as a refrigerator... nobody wants to wonder if their refrigerator is going to keep their food cold while their out of town for the weekend.

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          Are you speaking of the newest version of CSGO, with the battle royal? If so, it plays great for my on my RX580. It is the developers job to meet, and build their game engines to the standards, when GPU maker has features that are proprietary they may furnish those specifications to the game developer for them to meet those standards. It is the job of the game maker to make the game correctly. Now do special bits of code go into drivers to help those short comings, YES. That is a courtesy to the end user. Many games are sponsored by one GPU maker or another and the game engines are highly optimized to perform better on one platform over the other. This isn't the fault of the other GPU maker.  Now when it comes to PUBG, it is a horribly broken game engine and will not be fixed they have moved on to their next project. Those are the words of the GAMES MAKER. That game runs poorly on any hardware from any maker.


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