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    AMD HD 7870 Driver issues


      I just bought a new system and had an HD 7870 GPU laying around. I used it in my build, but after windows loaded, i got a screen with a solid color (Mostly dark green). I tried troubleshooting the pc. It wasn’t the monitor. I tried the GPU in another Computer, but the problem persisted. I tried another GPU (GTX 1060) in the original PC, and it ran smoothly.

      When I go into the BIOS, the GPU is outputting just fine, but as soon as windows loads the screen goes black/green. If I boot up in "Safe-mode" the GPU works just fine. I tried installing the drivers hoping it would help in "non-safe-mode" windows, but it would just say "Error 99". Error 99 is the only error code I have been able to get out of both of the pcs with the faulty GPU.



      I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work

      The pc has the following specs:

      CPU: Ryzen 2600x

      GPU: HD 7870

      RAM: Hyperx fury 16gb 2666mz

      MOBO: Asus b450-f

      PSU: Corsair cx650m

      SSD: Kingston A1000 M.2

      I am using windows 10 pro 64bit


      Nothing overheats or is doing anything weird.



      Thanks in advance