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2200G drivers not allowing PC to boot

Question asked by mrvespear on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by kingfish

I got a 2200G about a month ago. The PC works 100% fine until I download the drivers. Upon downloading the drivers, the PC would freeze about 5 seconds after booting. It is 100% unusable. Safe mode works 100% fine though ,and uninstalling the drivers allows the PC to work normally ,but if I do so ,the drivers are uninstalled ,so no games can be played. I have tried almost everything including:

Updating the BIOS and downloading and uninstalling the chipset drivers multiple times.

Completely resetting the SSD twice(Clean install of windows)

Downloading older drivers

and much more

PC specs: ryzen 3 2200G,asus B450m prime csm,Ballistix 2666mghz 8GB RAM, mx500 500GB m.2 SSD,corsair 500watt 80+Bronze power supply

Any tip would be greatly appreciated