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    black screen


      I did after service.

      However, it has not been resolved.

      A/S center said there was no problem.

      This company is a real reliable company. In my country.

      I experience a black screen once a day.

      It is really annoying.

      Because I have to shut down my computer by force.

      I can't find a solution anywhere.

      I am not good at English, but I ask questions through the translator.


      I think freesync is the cause.

      My monitor supports freesync.


      But that's why I bought the Radeon graphics.

      What's the problem!!?


      i5 4440 / RX460 4GB NITRO / 500W POWER/

      ASROCK B85M PRO4 / SSD240GB / 8GB RAM

      WINDOW 10 HOME / ls27f350fhkxkr (monitor)


      It is not a problem with other parts. (Power, RAM, SSD, HDD... Almost all!!)

      I know it because I've replaced it.


      Please!! help me.

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          A very common issue for what it sounds like you are describing can be solved by Going to Radeon Settings/Gaming/Global Settings/Global Wattman: Find the "Power Limit" Slider and move it to it maximum. This should help if it what I think may be going on. If not please try to explain your issue and what you are doing, for instance playing a certain game or watching a video that lead up to your black screens.

          Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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              To add to the above...make sure you click 'apply' after the change.



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                thank your answer.

                What I'm talking about is when I boot up the computer. (not the game)

                Is this case same???


                when I experience black screen,

                my computer sounds like, start-up and off.. start up? and off...(repeat)  you know what is mean??

                sorry my english is poor.

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                    Okay then, did it ever work correctly? Did this behavior begin after installing a new graphics driver or was Windows updated then this behavior started. Or is the card and system new to you and just always done this? Just trying to establish if this is likely software or hardware related before recommending further advice.

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                        I have latest Driver(18.12.1), and my latest update window 10

                        and when I use Geforce card, don't get blackscreen

                        But I use Rx 460 (Sapphire) and freesyenc on,

                        I experience blackscreen in every day and once a day

                        I think it's not about drivers and Windows.

                        It happened in different versions.


                        I'm so sorry

                        and First of all, I did the screenshot. (wattman pw limit max'50')

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                            I wish I had an answer for you. I agree with your sadness. I hope that tech support can help you. If that card is still under Warranty from Saphire  you surely should be asking them why this is going on and maybe ask if you can RMA swap that card if they can't offer advice in getting it working or help pinpoint another possible contributing issue. If they can't help, AMD does have support just not here in these forums. The support ticket link is on the Contact Page at the bottom and there is a link in Radeon Settings, preferences. Good luck.