Steam games running slow ever since windows 1803 update

Discussion created by jdg on Dec 6, 2018
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Hi, as the title suggests im struggling with slow steam-related game processing. Back when i built my custom gaming pc (windows 10 64 bit 1709) everything used to be lightning fast, now everything runs poorly, and im firmly confident its something related to windows build 1709 going to 1803 that onset that poor performance. Currently after extensive troubleshooting im under the impression there is something wrong dealing with the drivers/graphic architecture.


I will try to describe the problem in as much detail as i can, troubleshooting steps ive taken, and as much relevant spec information as possible.


1.) The problem: Steam launcher slow to start & slow to process. Game load times are ~quadrupled. Consistent lag spikes 5 minutes into any game.


When i force shut down steam and execute any steam game, it takes about 15 seconds for the first steam loading box to even show up, then it updates, then proceeds to load the game. This used to be instantaneous and take about 3 seconds from double clicking the icon, to the game loading. I just did it now and it took 15 seconds to start loading smite. The games themselves also take substantially longer to load. as mentioned above, load times are about 400-500% longer. Additionally, besides insanely long loading screens for games like warhammer II, just about every game i play exhibits a most unusual symptom, about 5 minutes in fps / performance comes screeching down to a near halt, and you can feel the computer struggle to render graphics as everything becomes massively choppy, this usually lasts for about 30 seconds, after which it clears up and almost never occurs a second time until i restart the game/play a different one.


2.) Troubleshooting steps: Ive closed down as many peripherals as i can, Ive disabled microsoft spybots, cleaned up auto launchers, reinstalled drivers, and maintain watch over task manager.


So, ever since the new 1803 borked my system, ive been working diligently on making sure new features werent conflicting, resulting in a slow down (and since then i have almost a bare-boned skeletal system now, so i can deduce its probably a driver / architecture problem as the culprit). But just spouting off some things i can remember disabling:


task scheduler : limited / prevented auto updater for windows components

privacy settings : turned off everything but microphone

services : stopped bcastdvr (known to exhibit similar problems), amddvr(known to exhibit similar problems)


After many months of troubleshooting, about a few nights ago, i did a "clean install" of the amd ryzen 2400g driver (and the hdmi driver), I also decided to download and installed some 10 or so windows updates (cumulative patches, adobe flash security, antivirus updates, etc)


despite all these things i still watch my resource manager and task manager details processes quite religiously. My system resources are never under any strain, the exception being loading a game up, which is another reason i think its something driver related.


3.) specs:

b350 msi tomahawk motherboard (flashed with a rented chipset to allow the 2400g to be recognized)

cpu/gpu (apu) radeon ryzen 2400g

windows 10 pro 64 bit version 1803 build 17134

ram 2x vulcan 4gb 3000ghz sticks


4.) Final thoughts:


I just want my computer to be fast and responsive like it was when i built it on windows 1709. The fact that it worked speedily at one time and not now (especially after closing down tons of peripherals and seeing no strain on the system resources) im left to believe that microsoft modified/degraded code somewhere responsible for how the graphics card interacts with games. Everytime i get one of those slow down spikes 5 minutes into my games all i can picture in my head is a classic case of memory leak -- the games are probabley running off some kinda default legacy game processing code (instead of its updated driver) which is inefficient, resulting in the memory getting all choked up, after which it feels like it employs some kinda garbage collection program, and switches over to some kinda other architecture / algorithm for game processing (which for the most part is pretty reliable).


I know I've seen tons of posts of people suffering from similar problems, but not a whole lot of solutions. I sincerely doubt amd is going to release bad drivers, but microsoft is notorious for releasing harmful updates, so im left to believe it was back when my windows 1709 went to 1803, this is when i first noticed the major delay when launching steam client, and i got the 5 minute lag spikes. I have tried a ton of different approaches in windows built in diagnostic menus and im just about out of ideas now.


What would be really useful is some kind of testing tool for measuring if my graphics card is being utalized up to its optimal performance rating. My computer dosen't feel like its working "hard", it feels like its working "inefficient" and since this is the AMD website im hoping maybe an amd expert could suggest some kind of way for me to monitor this performance.