Vega 56 Low Utilization Performance

Discussion created by sazon74 on Dec 5, 2018
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Hi just bought Vega 56 Air boost OC for my system( Fx8350, 16gbMem, Corsair RMX850 Psu, Msi optic g24c ) While testing on 3dmark Firestrike and Time spy i get with in top 5 comparison to others of the same CPU and GPU spec as mine . But while i game using FarCry4, Crysis3, CallOfduty wwii, TombRaider, BlackOps 4 My CoreClock {all at high spec}  never stays around its max, Fps stays around 35-80 . GpuTemp And  Hbm2 stay between 60c-72c . Cpu around 50-75% Usage. Any idea what whould be holding it back ? Thank You