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    Battlefied V Color spots in game



      When playing  on battlefiled V, after a reanimation , I get color spots on screen, like this guy


      Battlefield V - Bug - Color spot on screen - YouTube


      I, posted on BFV forum and it seem that all the gamers with a AMD card have this problem .

      I find a weird solution , but working

      When color spot are on screen

      press ALT+TAb to switch on desktop

      click left on desktop

      Press ALT+TAB to switch on game

      And the spots are dissapear

      REALLY, REALLY weird

      I contact this guy on video and he have also a AMD RX 480

      The guy on BFV forum have a AMD too


      Any solutions?



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          I have no answer on this. I would recommend you report this to EA and to AMD. AMD issue report can be filed, the link is in Radeon Settings / Preferences. These forums are USER to USER so AMD may not know about the issue for certain from you posting it here. We users sure appreciate the heads up though. Maybe you get lucky and another user knows a work around and will answer you with that advice. In the mean time I highly recomend you let the powers that be know about the issue. Good Luck!