AMD Relive Audio distortion possible solution

Discussion created by disi on Dec 5, 2018
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Since I have issues with OBS recording in 1440p, I went back to Relive.

Relive Recording are brilliant and use nearly no resources in HEVC codec.

The only problem I ever had was the voice recording. No matter what recording quality I chose, it did come up like a robotic voice at times.


Yesterday I recorded 2-3 hours of gameplay and had no problems whatsoever with the voice recording.


I use a Logitech wireless headset (H600?), which is not of any special quality, but good enough, small, nearly weightless and records the voice quite well.

In my Windows sound settings for the sound device it states: 2Channel,16bit,48000Hz(DVD Quality) for the playback device and 1Channel,16bit,48000Hz(DVD Quality) for the recording device.


My Realtek Soundcard says 2Channels,24Bit,192KHz(Studio Quality) or more.

I changed the Realtek Soundcard to 2Channel,16bit,48000Hz(DVD Quality).


Record in a multiples of 48000Hz -> 96kHz for audio and the roboter voice is gone!