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    RX580 8gb 144hz Monitor - FPS drop to 30 random.


      Hello all

      I just made myself a new spec PC.


      Ryzen 5 2600

      Radeon RX580 8gb

      16Gb RAM


      Monitor Acer Gaming 144hz

      Motherboard B450

      Power source FlowerPower 650W


      I have an issue in PUBG - i have all my settings on low, and the FPS is at an average of 80 frames to 120 higher and sometimes droping to 30FPS .

      I have a DP port on my Monitor connect to the Radeon RX580


      Maybe I don't have the settings done correctly


      Can someone help me ?



      Thank you

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          PUBG is notoriously known to be a horribly optimized game, engine wise. Regardless of graphics card brand, it is a challenge. Now can you make that better. Likely yes. The big advice I would give is to disable all Windows 10 gaming options. Disable Full Screen Optimizations for that game. Then play with changing settings withing the game till things improve. Like lowering or turning off anti aliasing or ambient occlusion settingd. Lower anisotropic filtering. If that doesn't help alone lower resolution and see if that helps. I have several games where the in game anti aliasing just kill performance but I can turn them off but turn on AA in the gaming profile in Radeon Settings and the Driver does a much better job. Unfortunately some games just require a bit of tinkering. I don't doubt it possible the AMD could possibly do a better job in their drivers, so by all means DO share your concerns with AMD, the link to do this is in Radeon Setting/preferences. These forums are USER TO USER so nobody from driver development will see your issue here. Hopefully someone with some specific experience with this game and card may offer better specific advice. It's a fairly big game and common card so I hope that happens. Good luck and if I can help again please ask.

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              Were I can find Full Screen Optimization ?

              I disabled Game Mode in Windows 10 .


              How about this settings ?



              In game i have all on low - with AA on medium - and texture on medium -


              Screen scale at 100


              1080p rez on 144hz monitor


              It goes from lets say 140 frames to 58-60 randomly in game on all maps.

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                  Full Screen Optimizations isn't' a Radeon Settings, setting. It is a Windows executable files compatibility setting. Your right click on the .exe of the game you are playing and choose properties. It looks just like this (my buddy Kingfish showed me this cool app to easily make and comment these screen shots) :

                  Don't know that this will fix this but it does help some games. As theacclaimed eluded to, it is very well know that this game engine is politely saying is problematic at best. It seems to be a trend among some of the very most popular games from many different developers (cough epic/fortnite) that these very popular games that should have tons of money behind them to have no reason to not be properly meeting standards of optimization apparently just are not. As many of these problems have a commonality that is shared on any GPU's maker, not just AMD's. I myself have never played PUBG even once. My kid plays it though on his Nvidia 1060 6gb and complains about game issues all the time.

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                That's just PUBG being PUBG. The game has lousy sub 60fps minimum frame rates regardless of setup.

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                  PUBG is demanding for CPU, RAM and fast internet


                  makes it expensive to play