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VP9 decoding

Question asked by doomicle on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2018 by mpie

So I've had my AMD gotcha moment, when I booted up a new a8-9600 APU PC, test youtube playback, and... Massive sustained CPU spike...


I'm embarrassed for whoever's working on the drivers at AMD. This is pathetic. It's 2018, the current year (the end of it in fact), and I have a $100 Chinese stick mini-pc running off of a USB 2 port for power that plays back 4k VP9 just fine on its Intel graphics. Sure, the gaming performance is going to be better on the r7 graphics than on the Intel graphics, but if I can't even watch youtube videos properly then what am is supposed to do for web browsing? Remote desktop my Intel stick PC?


I noticed there are other forum threads about this dating back for years... So when exactly is this supposed to be getting fixed?