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    KDE two monitors issue RX550



      - kubuntu 18.04

      - driver version 18.40 (few previous driver versions have the same issue)

      - 2 monitors are connected  with Display Port and DVI

      with locked screen, after monitor with DP have been switched off, on second monito image are blinking. After DP monitor have been switched back (on) image is not displayed on it (only on second, DVI)

      Please find attached video

        • Re: KDE two monitors issue RX550

          Hi lmike_mnc


          Kubuntu are not supported by 18.40 AMD Linux Driver for RX 550




            Personally I never had a positive experience under KDE + AMD proprietary drivers, IMHO opensource drivers are the best way to enjoy KDE + AMD GPU, please try contact in Kubuntu users forums, maybe you can get better answers than here.


            To keep in mind: Ubuntu 18.04 is supported by 18.40 AMD Driver for Linux but this does not mean that Kubuntu and Lubuntu are supported.


          All the best