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Why can't I create a mixed 3x1 eyefinity + 1 extended monitor setup anymore? 

Question asked by lonestar1965 on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2019 by nolive721

Why can't I create a mixed 3x1 Eyefinity + 1 Extended monitor setup anymore?  I used to be able to use my center 3 (1440p) monitors in Eyefinity mode for gaming, super widescreen pictures, and coding in a super-wide window, while keeping a 4th monitor off to the side for monitoring and keeping an eye on work stuff.  Now, the new drivers (past several releases) force me to put all my monitors into an eyefinity group, which I don't want, and even if I disable my 4th (regular HD) monitor, setting-up an Eyefinity group turns it back on, so I have to unplug it completely, or it makes playing my racing games unbearable (bezels in center of screen, one screen w/lower resolution).  I doubt I was the only one using this feature, but I only see one other person talking about a similar configuration, and his problem never received any responses.  I sent an email directly to AMD support on this, months ago, and never heard back.  I can think of many instances where you'd want some monitors in an Eyefinity group while keeping another monitor separate in Extended mode, like managing presentations, or monitoring work while enjoying a game, and/or super widescreen pictures (what I do with it).  I can't believe they would just remove this functionality and not put it back in yet.  Seriously, that stinks!  They also removed the ability to move a smaller monitor up or down relative to the other monitors in Eyefinity, so I had to stop using my 4th monitor.  The sad thing is that I had this setup working fine for years, and on a 290X 4GB, and now I have a rx580 8GB that still chokes sometimes, and the drivers took away this mixed mode functionality (and my newer card doesn't work well with the older drivers that supported it).  Any suggestions, anyone?  Anyone from AMD paying attention here?