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2990WX and Seti@Home

Question asked by tlgalenson on Dec 4, 2018
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I have a 2990WX cpu with CL14/ddr4-3200 memory (4 sticks) running on an MSI  X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard.  I am an AMD newbie.  I ran some AMD cpus decades ago.


My primary interest in running this cpu is to get maximum production of Seti@Home cpu tasks under Linux.


I am aware of the direct memory/2 hop memory issue.


I am currently using the MB builtin OverClock feature to run it at 3.7GHz with Cpu boost off (recommended for my app), Precision Overdrive on, XFR off and Quiet&Cool off.


My understanding is I now have the fastest recommended ram hardware and I believe I have it set to use the ram at full speed.


I am wondering if I would get "more production" if I was to drop the OC and go just with the regular Turbo boost features?


A previous test before I got my C14/3200 memory ran at about 3.3GHz.


I am currently running 60 cores out of 64.  Other research I have read seems to indicate that 40 cores is about the sweet spot compute intensive production.  I am testing to confirm that.


Thank you for your comments and suggestions.



Tom M