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      I'm a bit worried about the direction that AMD drivers is heading toward!
      Among different thing that bother me about AMD consumers behaviour, like rebranding gpu to mislead consumers even if decently priced, low end motherboards not designed properly to mislead consumers, drivers that is no longer working as it should and never fixed, etc, etc.

      I.e still running 18.9.1 because later drivers completely borked the ability to control my R9 290, get bored to spend hours to try and understand why, stopped to update drivers!

      I know that Nvidia have some telemetry data logging, AMD lately improved it's user experience program, that is not even usable since it hit on the rig performances too much to be used while gaming.
      Then now Public Relations mentioned a new driver update with voice control of the gpu.
      Is AMD data logging policy changing with a more aggressive data collection program?


      Voice control over the gpu? Can i ask a statement from an AMD Public relation about why, the idea, concept behind, how it improve gamers lifestyle, what it bring to the community?
      The direction took was the same as other companies to log data: get you a mobile app, get you an heavy user exp program, allow the tools to interact with voice.
      Why all these efforts that cost man labour are not directed to improve other aspect of AMD gpu, cpu products, is this time spent really valuable on overall for the consumer that buy the products?


      So i'm a bit surprise, i was expecting some nice gamer features, updates, bug fix but instead got Cortana/Siri for a gpu.
      I'm the only one a bit surprised by the new driver release?!


          1. rebranding was invented by Nvidia - and AMD and Nvidia do it all the time - and if its know than anything is ok. only the communication with that RX560D is not good - but there the mistake was done by OEMs and NOT BY AMD
          2. the new data-hunt has to do with the new hunt on childporn (i guess) which was started in 2016 by Mircosoft and other big tech-companies
          3. R9 290 is GCN2 - therefore its an 5 years old CHIP. you should consider buying a new GPU - because 5 years is a LONG time for Driver support of GPUs - be happy its a GCN otherwiese it would be legacy allready

          4. voicecontrol over gpu is easier for the kind of calculation than via cpu

          5. AMD will bring automatic OC and UNDERVOLTING to new ReLive 19.X.X