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Dual 144Hz Monitors on DisplayPorts (one per GPU on a 2 x R9 290 setup)?

Question asked by headbomb on Dec 3, 2018

I recently bought 2 Samsung C27HG70 monitors (27" CHG70 Gaming Monitor with Quantum Dot Monitors - LC27HG70QQNXZA | Samsung US ), which are rated at 144 Hz.


However, on the R9 290, only the DisplayPort can achieve 144 Hz. I figure no big deal, I got two of them for a reason! I'll plug one monitor on one GPU's DisplayPort, and the other monitor on the other GPU's DisplayPort... Except that doesn't seem to work.


In fact, nothing seems to work when I try ports from different cards. It seems both monitors need to be plugged in the same card to display anything (1 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI works... but the HDMI is locked at 60 Hz).


Help? How do I get this setup to work (one monitor plugged in each GPU's displayport)?