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Should I undervolt my Ryzen 2700x and Le Grand Macho RT combo?

Question asked by addserverip on Dec 4, 2018
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Hi, just built my new Ryzen 2700x PC and had some questions about XFR2/PBO and the temps I'm seeing.  I'm not familiar with AMD temps, but are the numbers below normal?  I thought for the performance and price of the aftermarket cooler, I'd be seeing much lower temps.  Is XFR2/PBO pushing the CPU even more because it has a higher headroom from the cooling?  Seems like undervolting would help lower temps to something I'm more used to seeing but I don't want to hinder the algorithm unnecessarily.  My cause for concern is that idle temps and voltages are spiking even though I'm not doing anything (e.g. voltages spike from .8 to 1.3 without reason, driving up temps).  I'm on the latest Window and BIOS version with power plan on Windows Balanced.


NZXT H500i
Ryzen 2700X
Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT
Asus Prime X470-Pro


Idle: ~35C-40C

Gaming (Forza Horizon 4, 2550x1440, 144hz, Ultra Settings): ~55C-70C

General Use (browsing web, editing photos): ~45C-55C