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    2700X Boost clocks feasible?


      Hello all,


      Curious whether I'm seeing a misread with HWMonitor (v1.38.0), or whether my 2700X at stock (w/XFR2 &/or PBO) can actually achieve the peak speeds reported.

      I haven't been able to actively catch when the CPU may be boosting to these clocks, but my system remains on 24/7 and is idle for a lot of the time.


      When I actively watch RyzenMaster, I rarely see speeds >4.2GHz, but HWMonitor reports that at times, I boost to 4.6-4.8GHz.... and extremely rarely, a couple of cores have boosted to just over 4.9GHz?


      I know the process for boosting is not 100% crystal clear, but is a combination of voltage, temps & VRM (?).

      Temps remain pretty cool, never really exceeding ~60'C recorded in either RyzenMaster or HWMonitor - although there can be the very occasional spike to 69-70'C which doesn't seem unreasonable.


      Supposed clocks being achieved seem impossible though, right?





      Supposedly >4.8GHz



      Latest, all costs >4.8GHz, a couple peaked over 4.9GHz.




      System specs:

      R7 2700X


      ASUS Prime X470-Pro

      2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @ 3200MHz

      EVGA 980TI SC

      EVGA SuperNova G2 550w


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          barty1884, please do not use the free sensor monitors - all are suspect.  Please install the latest Ryzen Master (RM) and post a screenshot using the image icon above.  Your specifications:


          Thanks and enjoy, John.

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              misterj thanks for the feedback.    Why would third party tools be suspect?


              I use RyzenMaster alongside HWMonitor.        Any time I'm actively monitoring, RM and HWM match, that's why I'm curious.



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                  barty1884, I have seen many cases of erroneous reading from that one in particular.  In my opinion, trust RM and only proven others.  Sounds like you are on the cusp of showing HWM is not reporting correct clocks.  I am not an OCer but hope some will post.  I agree the clocks seem very high.  The specifications say 4.3 GHz is the max boost clock.  Please trust RM.  Enjoy, John.


                  EDIT: Your power supply (550W) seems too low power.  Have you seen any crashes or hangs?

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                      misterj  Thanks for your responses.

                      Yeah, I assume it's just an error reporting - just curious why it would match RM at every point I observe it, yet when I don't, it would go off & do it's own thing lol.


                      I didn't expect to hear these clocks were genuine, clearly.... just curious if it was at all possible, no matter how brief.


                      PSU is fine, no hangs or crashes etc.  

                      Definitely borderline, but 105W TDP chip & a 250W TDP GPU that I never stress to 100% load, I'm confident in it for now.

                      Even allowing for max load + peak spikes, the PSU should be able to deliver.

                      EVGA Supernova G2 550W Review


                      The 980TI should be getting replaced sooner than later though, I plan to pass it on the GF's son & 'upgrading' to something like a 1070TI - not too much of an "upgrade" though, I know -- but he needs a VR capable GPU, so I'll get something new for myself, just because.