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    amd ryzen 2600x





      i just made an upgrade from AMD FX to Ryzen

      I have some questions about temperature and tension

      My set is

      AMD 2600X

      ASUS X470 F Gaming

      Corsair vengeance 2x16GB 3000mhz cl15 (I have not set the xmp profile yet, but I'm going to 2133 mhz)

      Heatsink SilentiumPc fera 3 + noctua nf f12

      case silentiumpc regnum rg1 + 3x noctua nf s12a stable at 500rpm



      when running (Internet, youtube, word, excel) work, the temperature is moving according to HWmonitor between 30-59C

      and Vcore is 1.5V

      Imgur: The magic of the Internet

      is it normal that Vcore is so high?

      I read that if only 1-2 cores are used, Vcore can be high

      if all kernels are used so vcore is 1.35 V



      I made Prime95 for 10 minutes

      temperature was 84C

      Imgur: The magic of the Internet

      (fan cpu 1400rpm, fan case 3 x500rpm stable)

      this is Vcore 1.35V is it normal?

      temperature and tact is in the norm?



      my question is why Vcore is so high in normal work?

      it is normal ?


      thank you