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Please help: Cant hear Microphone in Headphone (AMD High Definition Audio/OBS)

Question asked by jowa on Dec 1, 2018

Hello everybody,

this one is driving me bonkers and I seriously think the solution to this might be a only simply a click away, I would so much appreciate it if anyone if you could help me.

My issue: I´m using OBS Studio and I have connected a Gaming Headset (with a microphone) to the PC. Audio is recording fine, sound is great, but I just can´t hear myself while recording when I turn off monitoring in OBS. When I turn it on, I hear myself double. I´ve already tried these fixes and they have not worked out:

  1. Searching for the microphone in the Windows Settings/Playback-tab. Not found.
  2. Switching off audio monitoring in OBS - can´t hear my voice at all anymore

I´m so frustrated with this, can anyone enlighten me ?