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    RX 460 Constantly Crashing


      My RX 460 keeps crashing in all the games I play. I've had this problem for quite a while but I always managed to do the downclock workaround for it, but lately not even downclocking works with newer drivers anymore as in newer games it crashes instantly or every 5 mins or so. I want to know if it might be a specific problem from my side, as I don't really want to RMA it because it takes about a month or two in my country due to slow service.


      My specs are ;

      CPU: FX8350

      Motherboard: Asustek M5A78L-M PLUS/USB3 (AM3R2)

      GPU: Radeon RX 460 Dual OC 2GB GDDR5 128-bit

      Power Supply : 600 W Njoy Titan


      Thanks in advance if anyone has an idea of the situation (: