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Cli.exe startet nicht

Question asked by krupti on Dec 1, 2018
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  Problemereignisname:    CLR20r3

  Problemsignatur 01:    cli.exe

  Problemsignatur 02:

  Problemsignatur 03:    4f2058ba

  Problemsignatur 04:    LOG.Foundation.Implementation

  Problemsignatur 05:    4.0.4736.27501

  Problemsignatur 06:    50d220ab

  Problemsignatur 07:    5f

  Problemsignatur 08:    43

  Problemsignatur 09:    System.ApplicationException

  Betriebsystemversion:    6.1.7600.

  Gebietsschema-ID:    1031

  Zusatzinformation 1:    b6f7

  Zusatzinformation 2:    b6f742612b0867379a4e5bde60438cd0

  Zusatzinformation 3:    ddc2

  Zusatzinformation 4:    ddc2c5dac00e73f6e41329f1e0f3da4a


Suggestions how to fix cli.exe?


The driver work beside this little problem well and i have no necessity to replace or update

them meanwhile i guess its corruption causes from malware and not malfunctions of the hardware

or the drivers.