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    Pc blackscreen crash while gaming


      Hello everyone,



      I'm having pc crashes while gaming since 2 weeks already. I've checked temps of both cpu and gpu while gaming (idle cpu 20° / gpu 35°) / (while gaming cpu 30-35° / gpu 60-65°) got i5 6600k and sapphire r9 390 8gb nitro, the pc itself has 3 years never had ANY problems with it.

      Anyways, after checking temps and whatnot i've run stresstests too see if it could be hardware problem, no faulty components. The crashes usually arrive after 20mins of gaming, my screen just goes full black, sound goes away after few seconds and i have to manually force shutdown/restart.



      It doesnt matter which game and on what settings i'm playing, the pc freezes/crashes  anyways after sometime.



      I've done a fresh windows reinstall the 27th november, pc went flawlessly for 3 days, then yesterday the crashes reappeared again. since the windows reinstall i've downloaded and reinstalled only drivers for gpu/cpu, steam, few games, teamspeak and discord. thats it.

      Anyone knows what could be causing all of this? it's driving me crazy..


      my specs:

      cpu i5 6600k

      gpu sapphire r9 390 nitro 8gb

      psu 650w xfx ts650g (80+gold)

      MB msi z170a krait gaming

      hdd wd10ezex

      ram 2x4gb hyperx fury 2133 cl14 kit

      cpu coolermaster hyper 212 evo

      ssd Crucial CT240BX300SSD1 240gb

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          Go to Radeon Settings find the "Power Limit Slider" slide it all the way to the right to it's maximum. This will raise the power ceiling a bit but is still in normal operational range and is not over-powering. Make sure your Windows Settings are set for "High Performance" too not on balanced which is default.


          If this doesn't help and the card used to run fine. You may have a card or power supply failing.

          OCCT from ocbase_com is a good utility to check both card and power supply if you are curious.