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Looking to upgrade to a Ryzen Processor from intel i5 6500

Question asked by aliasdreams on Dec 1, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2018 by aliasdreams

I mostly do a lot of 3d work in blender and Zbrushcore, and my current processor is not really up to par for it, I as of right now have an intel core i5-6500 Skylake Quadcore, and as nice as it is for when I do pc gaming its not the best at all for what I do now. I had my eyes on a few Ryzen processors, my current budget places th e limit around 400$, I'm really just looking for a new CPU that is comparable with Windows 10, and can handle a lot lot more,  multitask and do content creation without major lags, and crashes, and delays like I experience now.


I have average RAM, and a PNY GPU, saving up for a AMD workstation GPU as well and motherboard. Im not looking for anything crazy at the moment processor wise like the new thread ripper that came out. But I'm looking for something that can handle a  good to great solid workload, and a multitasking when working on 3d stuff/content creation, but am currently stuck as AMD has a pretty nice range of processors that have a lot of performance specs that are impressive, and very confusing when it comes to where to start.


Any recommendations?