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Feature request — Controls for light falloff and negative light

Question asked by metinseven on Nov 30, 2018



I'd like to request the addition of the following light features:


  • An option to control the falloff of a light source, preferably with a falloff distance value and a falloff smoothness value, for accurate control when and how light strength diminishes. This would be useful for creating moody light setups that only light very local parts of a scene, and for cartoony light effects.
  • An option for negative light, in other words: a negative light strength value that removes light from a scene. This could be used to fine-tune dark parts of a scene and to add artificial shadows.


In Cycles you can control the light falloff with a node setup involving the Light Path node's Ray Length output. It'd be more convenient if RPR would simply add it as light options.


Cycles also offers the negative light strength option by the way.