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    Finding optimal settings for CPU & RAM (2700x)



      I searched the forum, but did not find the answer I need. If I overlooked it, I apologize and would be happy, if someone could point me in the right direction!


      I just installed the 2700x on my computer :


      • ASUS Prime X370-Pro (newest BIOS 4024)
      • 32 GB RAM (2x Corsair CMK32GX4M2A2666C16 / DDR4-2666 / PC4-21300 DDR4 SDRAM UDIMM)
      • Windows 10 Pro (up to date)


      Right now, Ryzen Master reports a corespeed of 4.025 GHz with a CPU Voltage of 1.3125 and a memory clock of 1067.


      What would be the proper settings for memory control / CPU voltage etc., if I tried to OC to let's say 4.1 GHz?

      Would it make sense to push the memory clock and what would be the correct timing settings for that?


      Or is the current (automatic) setting already quite optimized?


      Thanks for any help / tips ...



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          Maybe you might want to post your question at a Forum that specializes in Overclocking like this one : AMD CPUs - Overclock.net - An Overclocking Community


          There are probably many Users that could answer your questions there.

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            Hi greyfan

            I'm an ASUS Prime X370-Pro and Ryzen 2700X owner too, this is my current system configuration and I very satisfied with the performance that brings me.


            I'm on Windows 10 Pro 1803 (recommended) Build 17134.441 with 18.10.1810 Chipset Drivers installed (from AMD webpage support not from ASUS webpage support) uncheck Balanced Power Plan (isn't useful on Windows 1803) and Ryzen Master v1.5 (latest).


            It seems that you have not enabled D.O.C.P in BIOS and for this reason your DDR4 modules are running at 2133Mhz instead of 2666Mhz, if your after this your system won't boot disable D.O.C.P again and choose the RAM speed manually to 2666mhz, the motherboard will set automatically RAM timings and voltages.


            Without leaving BIOS go to Advanced→ AMD CBS→NBIO Common Options→Precision Boost Overdrive (read and accept the disclaimer) and change the value to Enabled (it's safe, don’t select Manual if you don’t know what are doing), save changes, reboot and see what's happen.


            Inside BIOS→AI Tweaker you can enable an option called TPU and change the value to TPU II, this is a fast OC option offered by ASUS that will establish the base speed of your Ryzen 2700X in 4.1Ghz, personally I do not recommend it, it is mandatory to have a high level of CPU cooling solution, I do not think that PBO is so effective and in my case any OC attempt my ASUS Prime X370-Pro reacts unstably, isn’t the appropriate motherboard for extreme OC, keeping default values applied by AMD and ASUS the performance experience through X370-Pro and 2700X IMHO is very positive!


            To keep in mind: Extreme OC and PBO can damage your CPU losing the warranty offered by AMD



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                Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my questions.


                Will give that a try ... obviously, I had changed something before I upgraded the CPU, because in the CineBench benchmark, my system with the old 1700x was slightly faster than it is with the 2700x ... and since all other components are the same, there must be some "tweaks" I had made that I have forgotten about

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                  I changed the settings (enabling DOCP and PBO) and now see an 8% increase in my CineBench score (now "better" than my old 1700x score) :




                  THANK YOU !


                  Strangely enough, the Cinebench OpenGL score is still lower than my old score (1700x = 105 / 2700x = 98), which I find baffling, because I did not change my graphic card (still a 1070ti) ... other than upgrading the Nvidia drivers ....

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                      with my configuration shared above (no TPU not OCed) and F4-3200C16D-16GTZB x 2 (4 x 8gb chip Hynix 16-18-18-38) my CB15 score




                      Keep in mind that Ryzen 2000-series is much more sensitive to the speed of RAM, you can look for more information on internet by typing Infinity fabric Ryzen RAM or reading AMD's Infinity Fabric detailed .

                      About your OpenGL score I would not give you any importance, I am not an expert in benchmarks but I think there are many better programs than CB15 to test the performance of your GPU.


                      All the best