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    XFR 2 and Precision boost 2.   2700x




      I recently purchased a 2700x and have it running on a Cooler Master masterliquid 360  and I was wondering how to enable both these features as i read about these functions that it will give more performance when there is headroom temperature wise.


      So I was wondering are these BIOS settings ?  Is Ryzen Master software required for this to work as I saw something called Precision boost overdrive or should this all happen automatically if so to what extend can I see cores being upped in speed ? as the load temperature never has exceeded 40 degrees Celsius.


      I hope you guys could help me out with this, Thank you in advance.

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          Hello bacarddi,


          Ryzen Master software is not required to enable precision boost overdrive.  You should have an option in your BIOS to enable it.  Typically, a 2700X will do an all core boost to just over 4 GHz under load with PBO enabled.  When your CPU is only receiving a couple threads, it should some of the cores up even higher.  For example, during the Timespy GPU tests, two of the cores can be pushed as high as 4.35 GHz.


          You can adjust the scalar settings, and raise the SOC power limit, and VRM amperage limits and those boosts will climb even higher.  It might be worth while to actively cool the VRMs before attempting that however.

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              Hey Ajleuke,


              Thank you for your reply, What i read though is that there are two things XFR and precision boost 2,    and the precision boost overdrive is pushing that even further

              I was hoping that the XFR and Precision boost 2 would just automaticly push it to what could be managed and to do that if i would have to enable it.(as so far it is indeed as you say that most of the cores stay on lower clock speed only 1 pushes it )


              Or am I missing something and is XFR and precision boost   the same as precision boost overdrive ?


              Also by enabling boost overdrive function would i void my warrenty ?

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                  You are correct,


                  Precision boost 2 will boost to o demand performance, and XFR2 will increase that performance based on cooling.  This is within set SOC power limits, VRM amperage, and CPU temperature.  As soon as the CPU hits one of those limits, it will not push any further.


                  Precision Boost Overdrive, allows you to change the VRM amperage and SOC power limits for even more boost.  Not sure if it still voids the warranty, I know that was the case when the feature first launched in April, but that was subject to change?  I haven't heard anything about that for some time.

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                      Thanks for your reply,


                      I understand now thanks allot,   Whilest downloading the ryzen master software it stated 2 diffrent warnings that any form of overclocking even trough the software voids the warranty for the product so i wont be pushing it further (for now atleast- as i cant buy a new one if it breaks hahahaha.)


                      it boosts all cores up to 4ghz non over it temps stay 49 / 50 c underload but it's probably hitting powerlimits. (EDC says limit is 168 A)


                      Thanks allot for explaining everything to me Sir it cleared up allot for me.
                      Have a nice day and weekend.


                      Greetings Bacarddi.

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                      bacarddi, I suggest you run Ryzen Master, if for no other reason, to see the reference CPU temperature.  Here are your specifications:


                      Enjoy, John.

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                          Hey misterJ / John,


                          I have run the software and the idle temp is 33 / 34 degrees Celsius and underload its 49 / 50 degrees Celsius.

                          All cores go up to 4ghz but it seems I am hitting power limits set by default so it probably wont go any further unless I change stuff wich I am going to leave for now.


                          Thank you for your reply, Wish you a nice weekend.


                          Greetings Bacarddi.

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                          Hi bacarddi


                          Precision Boost Overdrive is configurable depending on the motherboard on which it runs, on my ASUS Prime X370-Pro (not recommended to enjoy the latest advances in performance with 2700X) I have the following options:

                          Auto: The motherboard decides whether to apply it or not
                          Enable: The PPT (Watts) TDC (Amperes) EDC (Amperes) values are set by the motherboard
                          Disable: Act in the same way as Auto on my motherboard
                          Manual: I decide the values PPT TDC EDC, if I do not know what I'm doing I can overload the system affecting hardware components especially the processor affecting the warranty offered by AMD


                          My advice is select Enable and keep the motherboard choose PPT TDC EDC values applied by the manufacturer.
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                              Hey Billy72,


                              I am running a 2700x on a Gigabyte x470 gaming 7,

                              I will check my BIOS in a bit to see weather or not I can find if there are any settings for this (I haven't seen any as far as I can remember).

                              Thank you for your reply and I will check that later this evening / night.


                              Have a nice day and a good weekend.

                              Greetings Bacarddi.


                              EDIT: Hey Billy72,


                              I just had sometime to snoop around in the BIOS and enabled XFR (was on auto), Sadly I didn't see my frequencies go up or down so this didn't change much for me though don't get me wrong I have enough performance but I was wondering if the CPU was able to squeeze a bit more out of it self (with out me losing my warranty haha.)

                              But thanks allot for this information I was assuming after I gained some other knowledge from the other re-pliers that no matter what motherboard the cpu would always choose to do this if the cooling is adequate.


                              Thanks again, And have a nice weekend.