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    2700x Don't go above 4.0Ghz on Turbo Boost?


      Hello, recently i've purchased this processor and want to know if is possible to get above 4.0 on turbo boost, because when im playing its stucks at 4.0Ghz.


      I see their turbo is until 4.35ghz i dont know why are not getting more.


      Other thing, im getting some problems with frame drops, it is possible my memory? I have 2x8gb DDR4 2133 Hyperx.


      My motherboard is B350-Plus and Videocard Asus 1060 6GB.



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          Hi thrall


          is your brand and model ASUS B350-Plus motherboard? if yes: is installed the latest BIOS version (4024) on it?

          which OS (Windows key + R, type winver and post the results)?  which Power Profile has you applied in Windows?

          have you installed any AMD Chipset Drivers version? if yes: from motherboard webpage support or from AMD webpage support?

          which PSU brand and model?


          To keep in mind: neither your motherboard nor your DDR4 modules are suitable for the best performance experience with Ryzen 2700X, but IMHO this should not be inconvenient to reach 4.35Ghz, I think you can increase the speed of your DDR4 to 2666Mhz without problems.

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              billy72 Hey friend, thanks for your answer.


              Yes my model is Asus B350-Plus, my bios is updated to latest version.

              Windows 10 Home Version 1803

              I have tested AMD Ryzen Balanced and Balanced Power Plans

              Yes i installed AMD Chipset Driver but from motherboard webpage support

              PSU = Corsair 750W CX750 80W Plus Bronze


              I have tested to increase the MHZ from 2133 to 2444 without changing the latency, but 2666 i've not tested, probably i will need to increase the latency right?


              Is best i install the chipset driver direct from amd website?



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                  I don't know if this will be useful for you, It's what I usually do to keep my system up to date and discover where's the source of the problem


                  - First of all be sure that Windows is updated with latest Build 17134.441, go to ConfigurationSystemAbout it

                  - Go to APPs and Features (right click Windows icon taskbar) and remove AMD Software, this will remove all chipset drivers installed from the ASUS webpage support and don't forget remove OEM Application Profile too, if i'm not wrong is provided by ASUS Chipset Drivers software package, if Ryzen Master is installed remove it too

                  - Power off the system, disconnect power cable to perform clear CMOS extracting the battery from the motherboard and wait 30 min to be sure that the CMOS memory has been completely reset.

                  - Turn on the system and go inside BIOS, enable D.O.C.P and change the DDR4 speed to 2666mhz, don't touch timings and voltage, HyperX Fury was designed for automatic OC through Intel X99 Chipset, on AMD AM4 this not happens automatically and must applied manually, save changes and reboot.

                  Inside Windows go to AMD Drivers & Support webpage and download the latest Chipset Drivers for B350 (v18.10.1810), run the installer, screenshots bellow shows the steps to follow


                  Click on install



                  Click on Accept & Install



                  Click on 18.10 Local Driver



                  Click on Custom Install



                  IMPORTANT*: keep unchecked Balanced Power Plan and Install


                  *According the info provided by amdmatt: The changes made in the Ryzen Balanced Power were added into the Windows Balanced Power Profile during the release of Redstone 4. So, you can use the Windows Balanced Power Profile from hereon in.


                  Reboot, apply Windows High Performance power profile and see what’s happens

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                Hello thrall,


                The boost you are referring too (4.35 GHz) is what the cores will boost to using precision boost overdrive (PBO).  This will only happen on two of the cores when the CPU is experiencing a lightly threaded workload.  If all the CPU cores are in use, the boost won't be nearly as high, and 4.0 GHz is probably in line with what you can expect.


                So the processor will only hit 4.35GHz if only a couple cores are in use, this way you get better single threaded performance, and multithreaded performance.  Make sure precision boost overdrive is enabled in your BIOS and you should be good to go.  Your mileage will vary based on the cooling solution you have available for the processor.

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