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Raise the Game not available in Turkey?

Question asked by sadaharu on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by ilter

Raise the Game Where to Buy | AMD as you can see there is no retailer in Turkey in that list even if they are selling the product here.


I gave up on our local retailers. But amazon and newegg ?


in Amazon, code only available in USA. So i can't redeem the code even if i buy a 590 because they won't send it.


Same with NEWEGG. When you change your area to Turkey. Promo codes disappear.


TR website ->




US ->



I also contact with retailers. They said they know nothing about it.


So what is going on dear AMD?


I would like to upgrade my GPU from HD7970 to RX 590 but i also get those awesome games.


Can you help me out?




Çağatay D.