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thanks for the new update, i had some question and some request.

Question asked by on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by bcgreen24

Hi all, first of all thanks guys for a new update so fast, and thanks for the good job you're doing with RPR.

Below some question and request:

1) When we change render mode from Gi to AO for example, the preview window isn't automatically updated, it need to go out from render and then shift-z again. This is quite annoying.

2) When we set render mode to Ambient Occlusion, where we find the property for it? i mean if i want to change the distance or radius for A.O., the color, or may be tweak the "power" how to do that?

3) Can we have the possibility to override material for the whole scene? (this can fix point 2, since we can use an AO material)

4) is possible to have a suggested clamp value for irradiance? (like Lux Render, even if there it doesn't always work)

5) In the texture node there is no Alpha output (or the possibilities to chose any channel from picture, RGB or A), how to use it then? we need to save another image as alpha/mask outside Blender?

6) In the RPR AO node is possible to have a strenght value ? in case of need to force it.

7) material node request:

- Noise 3d with some preset (voronoi, cells, turbulence, etc etc) to use also for bump or normal

- Wave or wood texture

- Hue/Sat color management

- blur node would be great

- Curve color management


Thanks again guys for your hard work.