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Driver issues

Question asked by namreg on Nov 28, 2018

Hello to all, first off, i hope you understand what im trying to write, because im not an english speaker!


I had a rx 360 2gb, connected to tv (50 "full hd) thru dvi - hdmi cable, and it worked like a charm.


Few day ago i just bougth a rx580 4gb, and the problems started, the image that and see on tv is horrible!

colors are so brigth, the image is weird, isnt clear at all.


So. my first thought was uninstall the driver with ddu, did it and after the restart, everything worked like before, good colors, good bright and the resolution was sharp and really clear. BUT, when update the graphic driver to the last version everythin looks like before!, completly horrible!


I hope some one could help me !

Thx in advance!


my pc details

mother asusm5a78l-m

16 gb ram

fx 8350

256 ssd

1tb storage

windows 10 64 bits