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    Could OpenGL have feature change shaders code like bindlless textures ?


      First interesting could GNC GPU change shaders code or piece of shader code, from texture or special (lets say ShaderBuffer) ?

      How exactly GNC GPU change shaders ?


      My proposition apply to OpenGL new feature, change shaders code from bindlless textures or from special ShaderBufferArray.


      And when we draw one mesh 3 times (glDrawElementsInstanced ) , in main shader we do somthing like this  ShaderBufferArray([gl_InstanceID])


      This mechanism will allow change on GPU shaders or  piece of shader code without CPU driver.


      I know Shader Subroutine but dynamic subroutines slow and decrease FPS on 11%.



      Very funny look ShaderBufferArray when we in Compute Shader could change on fly shader code in ShaderBufferArray !

      Generated cool effects on fly.