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    Bad URL redirect on AMD.com resulting in 401 error


      amd.com redirects to https://www.amd.com/en-us which comes up with "401 UNAUTHORIZED".


      found amd.com/en  (had to cut the https://www. because the forum wants to grab the site title and replace the URL) in a search engine result at the bottom of the listings, and it works.


      you guys may want to fix your website - it has been down at least 8 hours for anyone reaching it via amd.com judging off this page's comments: http://isitdownrightnow.com/amd.com.html



      This is *probably* the wrong place to put this thread (general is probably more appropriate) but when I came across past posts on this sort of thing on the AMD forums they were always under this topic so here it goes.



      Have a good one.