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My 2600x is overheating in a 360mm push-pull radiator, and nobody knows how to help me.

Question asked by oblivion2k on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by misterj

Computer Type: Desktop, Custom Build


GPU: RX480 4GB


CPU: Ryzen 2600x. Only thing changed from stock is a Vcore offset of -.2 in a failed attempt to control my out of control temperatures. CPU is connected to a 360mm Closed-loop radiator in a push-pull fan configuration. The -.2 Vcore offset has since been reset to stock. I also disabled SMT and Processor boost to attempt to control heat, but it's not having much of an effect.




RAM: Gskill, F4-2400C15D-16GFX, 2 modules, slots 1 and 3, no XMP.


PSU: Thermaltake 800watt, unsure of model number.


Operating System & Version: Windows 10 1803


GPU Drivers: AMD Radeon 18.9.3


Chipset Drivers: I assume this is the driver version for the CPU? If so, 10.0.17134.1.


Background Applications: HWInfo, Waterfox running Youtube, anything that I might run to stress-test the CPU even slightly.


Description of Original Problem: I have very concerning thermals on this CPU, much worse than I ever did on my Vishera FX 9590 with more than double the TDP, and the same Closed loop liquid cooler, Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate. Typing this post up, I'm hovering around the low to mid 60s Celsius. Fan are all reporting correctly both in bios and in the motherboard manufacturer-supplied programs, and I'm pretty sure they're working correctly because I can hardly hear myself over the jet engine taking off in my room. I ran Prime95 for less than 60 seconds before my CPU got up to 80 Celsius, and when I turned that off, the CPU got back down to 50-55 Celsius quickly as well.


Troubleshooting: Tightened the CPU standoff pegs holding the CPU cooler on.

Re-applied the thermal paste (it was the proper amount the first time upon inspection).

Lowered the Vcore offset by .2 volts.

Changed the fan plug controlling the pump from the CPU plug to a dedicated pump plug on the motherboard. HWINFO thermal graph HWINFO CPU Info HWINFO Motherboard Temps and information Pictures of the mounts for the CPU backplate and CPU cooler itself


I've asked for help on Reddit's /r/AMDhelp, and also contacted Thermaltake's customer support e-mail and telephone line, everyone has stopped responding to me once they ran out of ideas. Please help me. I'm typing this up right now with nothing running but Ryzen Master and my web browser, on a fresh restart, and I'm at 75 Celsius. That's absolutely absurd on a 6-fan, 360mm push-pull radiator setup. I've seen this chip get up to 105 celsius before thermal throttling back down while I'm playing games. Why is it running so hot?