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Performance periodically drops all cores to 600mhz while under heavy load, 2990wx

Question asked by jenksdrummer on Nov 28, 2018
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Screenshot says it all - any indication to what/why? I'm running BIONC as my method of hammering the CPU to test cooling, etc. Runs fine, stays under 68C, but then will drop to very low levels (600mhz, all cores) every so often - well below base clock; enough where my cooling system will drop 10C.


Relevant Specs


2990wx; everything on auto/defautls in BIOS
G.SKILL RAM for AMD; 2933, the 14 CAS version; running at 2933 / XMP profile
Gigabyte Aorus xTreme F5c BIOS
Coolermaster ML360 RGB TR4 Ed.

Thermal paste used is what was included with the ML360