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RX 550 No AMD Graphic Driver is Installed or AMD Driver is not functioning properly.

Question asked by hudahoeda on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by madutzzu21

Hello guys, so i recently bought a used RX 550 from my local community, and I installed it with latest graphic driver 18.9.3 but my computer displayed error code 43 in device manager.

I downloaded GPU-Z and it read my graphic card. But my graphic card won't work. And Also when I installed older driver the message change from "No AMD Graphic Driver Installed" to "Radeon Setting Currently unavailable. Please Try again after connecting AMD graphics." I've already browsed the forum and try Uninstall with DDU and clean install several times but nothing changed. I already updated the bios to the latest version but nothing happened too. I also found a tip that deleting driver version in registry editor would make change but it doesn't work in my computer. I'm so frustrated please help me out. Thank You.


My Setup

Motherboard  : ASUS H61M-C

Processor      : Intel G850 2.9 GHz

RAM               : 4GB

Graphic Card : Sapphire RX 550 GDDR5 4GB

PSU               : Corsair VS450

OS                  : Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64bit


PS : I'm using HDMI to VGA converter because I don't have monitor that support HDMI