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AMD: Odd stutter issue PUBG what can be the cause?

Question asked by lixxon on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by zazzn

Hello So I was talking with a few people in the Pubg help regarding an odd issue that I have with PUBG right now, he said it would point to a Driver issue, or Direct X issue. So I figured I would make a post here. - Here is a video on the matter : Lag/stutter on map/inventory open - Streamable

Temps are fine, gpu load is fine, I can play the game fine and smooth, but only if I dont open the Map or Inventory, if I do so, i get this kind of small stutter as you can see happening in the video.

When I do that I clearly see the gpu load hiccup to 0% for that small second, so if i click it many times there will be alot of stutter. I can also mention that when I exit PUBG to desktop amd drivers seem to always crash upon leaving that game...just annoying


My system: AMD 2700X + VEGA64 Strix +970Evo.m2+32gb cl14 ram  with 18.11.2 Drivers on windows 10 64bit


Anyone know anything bout this problem?


Thanks in Advance -lixx