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¿Can I use a Mining GPU for Gaming?

Question asked by mariocab06 on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by grimbloodwolf


I have recently acquired a used Nitro Radeon RX 470 8Gb GDDR5 Mining Quad UEFI graphic card. I was wondering if I can use it as a gaming GPU.

It's the 11256-37 and I know it doesn't have any output in the plate, but if remove it, an HDMI port can be seen.

Do I have to buy a different plate for this GPU? Right now I don't have a PSU to test it, and I am willing to buy one but I want to be sure if I can use the GPU first.


If the answer is no, is there a software I can use to check its status? I don't know how long this GPU was used for mining, and if I am going to sell it, I think this can be helpful to stablish a fair price.


Thanks a lot for the responses and sorry for my english.