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FreeSync issue on XboxOneX

Question asked by larzen on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2018 by larzen

Hello everyone!


So I have a XboxOneX that i've connected to a Samsung Q7FN TV that have FreeSync support. But when I activate FreeSync I can see horisontal bars rolling on the screen. You can see it in the right light conditions in a game or background colors on the console menus etc.


I've checked some videos on YouTube where people are showing this TV, XboxOneX and it's FreeSync feature. And 9 of 10 videos I see them have the same issue. But they dont mention it so either they haven't noticed it or it's a known issue?


Here's a video I've made where you can see it really good. The video is lying a little as when playing you cant see it as good as this. But it's a nice video to show the issue.


Any idea what this is?


Samsung Q7FN FreeSync Problem - YouTube