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StoreMI Status Icon

Question asked by eagleideyes on Nov 26, 2018

I have completed a recent build using a Ryzen 2700X and ASUS ROG STRIX X470 motherboard.  I have combined a Seagate 1TB HDD and 250GB Samsung 970 EVO into a non-bootable drive used to store games and other content.  All is working fine, except the status icon for the StoreMI tiered storage is leading me to believe that it might not be working to accelerate reads from the combined StoreMI drive.  When I hover over the StoreMI status icon it shows the following...


Tier Drives:  1

Accelerated:  16MB

Accelerating:  0MB

License:  Valid


The StoreMI tiered storage is being used as the default gaming drive holding more than 100GB of content for Steam and Battlenet.  The machine was used for several hours over several weeks and the StoreMI status icon never changes from the information shown above.  Certainly, one would think that the amount of information being 'Accelerated' would be much higher than 16MB.  As a point of refererence, on a previous setup of this same machine is used the StoreMI as a bootable drive.  In that case, the status icon shows around 60GB being accelerated, which is expected.


Is the status icon properly indicating how much information is being accelerated?