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cannot get cards to talk to the TV

Question asked by packhntr on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by ajlueke

Good morning all.  I have just upgraded my desktop from a pair of Radeon 6970 cards to a pair of RX580s.  I also upgraded to a nice 32" LG monitor with Freesync.  I was using a 40" Samsung tv, but after a while it would start to hurt my eyes.  The system works very well!  Excellent picture, great for gaming!  I am having an issue with the cards not talking to the TV.  I want to still use the TV (relocated to a wall mount) to watch Netflix.  I was using a DVI-I to VGA cable with the old 6970 cards, but the cable will not work with the new RX580 cards...they have DVI-D and Display Port.  I purchased a DVI-I to Display Port adapter and nothing.  I checked the software to detect secondary display and it does not find the TV.  Not certain if I should get a Display Port to VGA or a DVI-D to VGA.  The TV has HDMI ports as well, but their audio cuts out frequently, hense the use of the VGA port.  Ideas?