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    can prorender run on a amd instinct?


      can prorender software run on a new amd instinct mi60? if so, does it use the infinit fabric link that it has? I mean, each mi60 has 32Gvram, link 2 of them you have 64Gvram or still 2x 32G?

      By the way, one can link 4 mi60 so maybe we can render a 128G scene.

      The question comes when i see on AMD WX9100 site, on additional features, it has  all of it:

      Supported Technologies :

      Radeon™ VR Ready Creator


      AMD Eyefinity Technology (Professionals)

      OpenCL 2.0

      OpenGL 4.6

      Radeon™ ProRender

      Radeon™ Rays

      Unified Video Decoder (UVD)

      Video Code Engine (VCE)

      High Bandwidth Cache (HBC) Controller

      AMD DirectGMA Technology


      But on AMD instinct site on aditional features it has only this:

      RAS Support Yes.


      I don't know, maybe someone with more knowledge can go on that topic and enlight us better.